Glow-in-the-dark mushrooms? Spotlight on Eastern jack-o-lantern

A team of our staff and volunteers recently found a patch of Eastern jack-O-lantern mushrooms (Omphalotus olearius) while out performing trail work (kudos to PATC’s Mike C and his eagle …

Bittersweet News – Thanks, and farewell, to our Preserve Specialist, Summers Cleary

Dear Preserve Community, Some of you may already found yourselves privy to this information, but I am now writing to inform you all of the bittersweet news that Summers Cleary …

Celebrating United Nation’s International Women and Girls in Science Day

Join us in celebrating the women and girls integral to our science program here at BRMNAP! This year, we are highlighting our 2020 Natural Science Fellow, Meredith Hart, who studied our insect biodiversity, contributing to our greater understanding of our ecosystems and biodiversity.

The Human Element: 2020 Annual Report for VOF’s Preserve at Bull Run Mountains

Join Preserve Manager, Joe Villari, to reflect on the past year at The Preserve at Bull Run Mountains, contemplating our shared history – Our-Story – that we are simultaneously discovering and creating in our living laboratory and open-air museum. Read through our 2020 Annual Report to learn about the rich cultural and natural history narratives we have uncovered and shared in the past year.