Celebrating United Nation’s International Women and Girls in Science Day

Happy #sciencesaturday folks!

The United Nation’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science, was this week (Thursday, February 11th) and we just want to take a moment to honor it!

There are many women (and girls!) involved with science here at BRMNAP. From our many community scientists (of all ages!), to our research partners and associates, to our staff. But we wanted to use this moment to put the spotlight back on our inaugural Natural Science Fellow, Meredith Hart.

Meredith is currently an undergraduate at George Mason University and an active member of their student chapter of The Wildlife Society, serving as their official Undergraduate Representative. As an early career entomologist, Meredith joined us last season as our VOF fellow to utilize a multitude of field trapping methods to contribute to our broader understanding of the insect biodiversity here within the Bull Run Mountains.

Meredith Hart proudly displays her preservation jars

Meredith recently came by to drop off the highly organized fruits of her labor – a collection of insect specimens that will be permanently anchored here for continued research.

Meredith’s past work not only helps us better manage the Preserve but is a major contribution to VOF’s own internal science program. We are proud to have been a small part of her journey onto a promising STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) career.

Aquatic specimens preserved in a jar of ethanol.
Look closely to see specimens preserved according to family and trap site in each small vial.
Plecoptera, or stoneflies, are beautifully preserved and displayed here.

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