Slippery but Successful Sweetheart Hikes

Outreach Assistant, Becky Conway, explains the importance of vernal pools to Sweetheart Hike attendees; Image: Summers Cleary Thank you to the brave souls who ventured out with us on the first round of chilly Sweetheart Hikes at the Preserve these past two weekends! How incredible was it to be talking about the evidence and presence […]

The Preserve’s Winter Spotlight Species: Partridgeberry

Partridgeberry (Mitchell repens) is easily identified by the two eyes or spots on its red berries! Image: Summers Cleary As Valentine’s Day has come and gone, I hope nobody is sick of the color red, as that is one of the best ways to identify our next winter spotlight species for #sciencesaturday! Partidgeberry (Mitchella repens) might […]

VOF celebrates Black History Month with special programs at Bull Run Mountains

Barinaale Dube, VOF’s Cultural History Interpreter, leads a Black History Hike at the Preserve. Even though February is recognized as African American History Month, the on-going work at Bull Run Mountains honors the historic Black and African American residents far beyond 28 days out of the year.  From the Black history hikes hosted by our […]