Making History Our-Story: A Virtual Presentation on the Preserve’s Cultural History Project

Barinaale Dube and Summers Cleary presented on the Preserve’s Cultural History Project to Prince William County’s RELIC Room early in March. Read about their work and watch the recording of their presentation here.

Community Science at the Preserve: fueling our collective understanding of the treasures of Bull Run Mountains

Happy #sciencesaturday everyone! We are bringing back our weekly #sciencesaturday posts to highlight the variety of scientists performing research here, the unique diversity our Preserve holds, and to showcase the variety of ways our visitors and community members can contribute to our collective understanding of the natural and cultural treasures that make the Bull Run Mountains …

Volunteer Highlight: Janis Stone’s account of volunteering and the gifts she has received in return

Janis Stone, Potomac Appalachian Trail Club Co-District Manager and dedicated Preserve Volunteer, shares her experience of volunteering in the Preserve and the knowledge she has gained about the natural world.

Folk Life in the Bull Run Mountains: an Introduction to our Folk History Intern and her approach to studying an iconic mountain figure

Annie Mickum, a native of The Plains, brings her Culture and Media Studies background to the Preserve to research folk history, centering on the life of Jack Dawson.