Making History Our-Story: A Virtual Presentation on the Preserve’s Cultural History Project

Earlier this month, Cultural History Interpreter, Barinaale Dube, and I had the pleasure of presenting the Preserve’s work on our ongoing Cultural History Project to Prince William County’s RELIC Room.

Our presentation, titled “Making History Our-Story: An Ongoing Cultural Case Study from an Open-Air Museum” discussed the efforts we have embarked upon to present an inclusive and equitable history of the Preserve’s diversely peopled past, and a few case studies that have surfaced from our research.

You can view a recording of our presentation by clicking the button below.

The Ruth E. Lloyd Information Center (RELIC) is a collection devoted to genealogy and local history, focusing on Virginia and Prince William County. If you are interested in learning more about RELIC and the programs they offer, please visit their site here.

Making History Our-Story: A Virtual Presentation on the Preserve's Cultural History Project
Barinaale Dube and Summers Cleary during an architectural survey of the Lower Corum House. Photo by Joe Villari

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