Community Science at the Preserve: fueling our collective understanding of the treasures of Bull Run Mountains

Happy #sciencesaturday everyone!
We are bringing back our weekly #sciencesaturday posts to highlight the variety of scientists performing research here, the unique diversity our Preserve holds, and to showcase the variety of ways our visitors and community members can contribute to our collective understanding of the natural and cultural treasures that make the Bull Run Mountains so special!
To kick things off, one of our Preserve Research Associates, Michael Carr (GMU student, The Wildlife Society Member, and beetle biologist), put together a 2020 iNaturalist year in review article. Check it out here!
iNaturalst is a free phone app where users can photograph and upload their wildlife observations. This data aggregated can help researchers easily utilize large, user generated datasets for their studies and can help land managers have large spatial, temporal data sets to help make more informed land management decisions!
VOF will be holding a number of iNaturalist based community-science trainings, events, and projects! So consider downloading the iNaturalist app and consider tuning in here each Saturday to learn more about iNaturalist and our ongoing projects!
By contributing to our iNaturalist project, you are helping us discover the breadth and depth of our biodiversity. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram where we will publish all of our community science events!

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