Forest CORE Fund (Mountain Valley Pipeline Region)

The Forest CORE (Community Opportunities for Restoration and Enhancement) Fund for the Mountain Valley Pipeline region was established under VOF’s TERRA Program in June 2018 using $15 million from a mitigation agreement between the Commonwealth of Virginia and Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC. The Fund’s purpose is to mitigate forest fragmentation that results from the clearing and grubbing activities along the pipeline’s 303-mile right-of-way through Virginia. Grants will be used for projects that compensate for forest fragmentation by preserving, connecting and enhancing forest resources.

Table of Contents

Project Area

The project area of eligibility is being developed for the 2020 grant round. Generally, projects should be in localities crossed by the Mountain Valley Pipeline.


To provide mitigation of forest fragmentation through:

  • Avoided deforestation.
  • Establishment of forest land.
  • Restoration/enhancement of forest land.

Types of Projects Funded

Projects that result in avoided deforestation such as:

    • Purchase of conservation/open-space easements on properties that will include requirements for forest management and prohibition of conversion of forest land.
    • Purchase of additional limiting terms on land under conservation easement to prohibit conversion of forest land.
    • Fee-simple acquisition of forest land with prohibition of conversion of forest land.

Projects that establish new forest land such as:

    • Afforestation of un-forested lands.

Projects that restore or enhance forestland such as:

    • Timber stand improvement to create healthy native forest composition and structure.
    • Controlled burning to restore and maintain fire regimes.
    • Invasive-exotic species control.

Projects that provide recreational opportunities for the public in protected forest areas.

Funding Amount Available

VOF completed its second grant round of $3.9 million in September 2019. A $1 million grant round, with a cap of $250,000 per application, will be announced in April 2020. Check back at this page for future updates and announcements.

Eligible Applicants

  • State and federal agencies, localities, public bodies, park authorities, planning district commissions, regional public access authorities, tribal councils, and soil and water conservation districts.
  • Charitable corporations, associations, or trusts declared exempt from taxation pursuant to 26 U. S. C. A. 501 (c) (3).

Minimum Requirements

VOF is developing updated criteria for the 2020 grant round. Please check back in April for updates.

Application Information & Timeline

The third round of grants will be announced in April 2020, along with updated an updated application and grant manual. Updates will be announced on this page.

Grant Manual

Scroll down to the Downloads section to obtain a PDF version of the 2019 grant manual and supporting documentation. An updated manual and supporting documentation will be posted when the third grant round is announced in April 2020.

Contact Information

Questions about grants from Forest CORE Fund should be sent to Emily White,

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