Recent Scenes from the Preserve

A fruiting American Strawberry Bush captured by intrepid volunteer, Janis Stone!

So many of the Preserve’s thousands of annual visitors capture incredible moments and creatures in photography. Let’s look back at some of the amazing photos captured by visitors this past Fall!

Thanks to the incredibly talented Corbin Pointer (@pointer_shot_media) for this capture of one of our “rodential residents”
Thanks to Smithsonian zoologist Jacob Saucier for this unique shot! A camouflaged looper, caterpillar stage of wavy-lined emerald moth (Synchlora aerate), constructs a sort of ghillie suit out of pieces of its immediate surroundings – in this case some fleabane flower petals!
We love seeing your images and featuring them, so please send us your visual “souvenirs” from BRMNAP.

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