Bull Run Mountains to reopen on June 19

VOF is happy to announce that the Bull Run Mountains Natural Area Preserve will be reopening for public visitation starting June 19. We will be resuming normal Preserve hours, which are Friday-Sunday from 8am-6pm.

Visitors must practice social distancing guidelines and groups must be limited to fewer than 10 people.

Parking facilities are limited and visitation is expected to be high during peak hours. If the parking lot fills, staff will be on site to direct excess visitors to other nearby parks.

Please observe all Preserve rules when visiting, such as no dogs, staying on designated trails, and adhering to Leave No Trace principles. Our ability to keep the Preserve open will be contingent on manageable numbers, good behavior, and continued compliance with the COVID-19 pandemic guidelines being directed by the Governor.

We encourage you to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages, as they will always contain the most up-to-date information and announcements regarding our trail system.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bullrunmountains/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bullrunmountains/

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  1. Bull Run Mountains to reopen on June 19


  1. Is the no dogs a new rule? On the DCR website it still says dogs can be there as long as they are on leash. Just want to understand the disconnect before we plan to go on the trails.

      1. Why was the cliff area accessible and part of the mapped trails in recent years if it is not owned by VOF? What changed people used to go up there all the time. Was this sold off etc?

        1. I’m not aware of official VOF maps that ever showed it as part of the preserve’s mapped trails. If you have one, please email it to us at info@vof.org and I can get clarification. That portion of the property has been in the same private ownership for decades.

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