VOF kicks off interpretive signage project at Bull Run Mountains with new kiosk signage

VOF kicks off interpretive signage project at Bull Run Mountains with new kiosk signage
Preserve Technician Summers Cleary showing off our new kiosk signage

Last week, VOF staff at the Bull Run Mountains Natural Area Preserve installed new kiosk signage at the South Section’s public trailhead. The installation of this new signage marks the beginning of a larger long-term project to install interpretive signage throughout the preserve. Though still in the research and development phase, these signs should be a critical improvement to maximize the preserve’s educational potential. One of our largest struggles will be aggregating and distilling information on our cultural/historical holdings. So, if you know anything relating to our historical resources, please get in touch with our preserve manager Joe Villari (jvillari@vofonline.org) or our preserve technician Summer Cleary (scleary@vofonline.org).

We hope that our new kiosk better highlights the breadth and depth of the work that we do here on the preserve. Many of our visitors do not realize that the preserve extends far beyond the South Section and its hiking trails. We have two other sections that do not permit open public visitation, but do host a plethora of educational programs and scientific activities.

This installation is to be closely followed by improvements to our South Section’s trail system that will make it easier to navigate and traverse. If anyone is interested in being a part of the upcoming trail re-blazing project, please email Summers Cleary, as we will be having a work day this Autumn to completely overhaul the current marking system and ensure that the trails are clearly and consistently marked.

As a reminder, our South Section is open to public hiking Fridays-Sundays, year-round. The address for our trailhead is 17502 Beverley Mill Drive, Broad Run, VA 20137. Happy hiking, and hope to see you on the trails.

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