Sherry Buttrick

Assistant Director

Charlottesville Office

A lifelong love of the countryside, its people, and pursuits turned Sherry from graduate study in English at Hollins and the University of Virginia to land conservation work. At the encouragement of then-director Tyson van Auken, Sherry came to VOF in 1991 from the Piedmont Environmental Council. She focuses on easement work in the Piedmont and Southside regions. Feeling there is no higher calling than aiding voluntary land protection, she failed to heed the “memo” to change jobs every few years and has been at VOF for ever since. Sherry serves on the boards of Scenic Virginia and the Blue Ridge Foothills Conservancy, is a founding chair of Albemarle County’s easement program, the former chair and current member of the county’s Easement Authority, and has served on the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission’s Regional Sustainability Council. In her spare time, she enjoys hunting with beagles and foxhounds and gardening.