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No one can get through this world alone. Here at Vineyard of Faith, there are a verity of small communities to help us get through this world as well as provide an opportunity to help others with the help of God. Whether people are learning about Christ's eternal loving kingdom, building relationships with others who have different gifts, or are seeking God's help in feeding their families, there many ministries to help others grow.

Friday Night Mentor Group

"Vineyard of Faith Church Pastor Lonnie Felcher knows the value and impact that a mentor has on boys and young men. ... You’ll find him on Friday evenings with as many as 14 youth from 5th grade to high school learning industrial arts in the garage next to the church on Arata Lane." - James Lanaras/The Press Democrat

People of all ages working to get a lawn mower working.

Vacation Bible School

Vineyard of Faith was awarded for novelty in the Windsor Day Parade. They presented Noah's Ark and had it "sail" through Downtown Windsor to remind the town of God's blessings and promises. This was also an invitation for town kids to attend VOF's Summer Vacation Bible School. Windsor Day Parade hosted by the Windsor Kiwanis

Noah's Ark in the Windsor Day Parade.

High School Youth

"The high school youth adventured into San Antonio, Texas for a week of teen rally called the LCMS National Youth Gathering. Through this retreat the youth were able to explore their faith in God through worship services, study lessons, and even games among thousands of other youth in the nation. The following week the youth served others by being a part of a house repair project so that the residents could call their place home." - Sylvan Finger

High School Youth at the Alamodome