Vineyard of Faith

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Why Vineyard of Faith?

There are many reasons. Here is what Renee Ortiz has to say:

Vineyard of Faith is the "friendliest church on Arata Lane" - or maybe anywhere! I'm probably biased since my heart is here. ♥ Seriously - if you've never been here, there is really something special going on. Forget that you're in a multi-purpose-basketball gym. Forget that the come as you are crowd is welcoming and unassuming. Forget that we have some of the best bakers bringing treats. ♥ It is true that you know them by their fruit. There is always something special going on at Vineyard of Faith: the monthly food giveaway, children's ministry and Vacation Bible School, a community garden, a Friday Night Mentor Ministry - with some pretty major power tools in a fantastic shop, there are ESL classes and music ministry, Bible studies, outreach and so much more. Come check it out - and let us bless you! ♥ Renee

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